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UL Listed

Commercial Blinds - Specializing in Hospitals

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Seeing Green - Perfect for sterile environments.

Between the Glass Blinds for Commercial Applications

IE; Blinds, the between the glass solution, offers an economical solution to existing and new windows or doors that require privacy and controlled light options. With a one inch overall thickness, the between the glass blind assembly accommodates industry standard framing options and applications. The between the glass blind assembly can be custom built to whatever dimension or frame material specified. A clean and sleek alternative to traditional curtains or mini blinds.

IE; Blinds, between the glass blinds, are the clear choice for particle-free and sterile environments. Such places as hospitals and clean rooms now have the freedom to observe and manipulate without compromising the sterility of the room.

We offer units for interior or exterior applications of between the glass blinds which can easily be installed in industry standard doors and frames. IE; Blinds fit perfectly in wood doors, aluminum sliding and swinging doors, and a variety of hollow metal and aluminum frame types, including curtain wall.